Ian Sutton

Ian Sutton
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Val and I came to Ashland seven years ago from Houston, Texas. The folks at St. James the Less immediately gave us a warm welcome — since then the church has become like a second a home. (I am writing this during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though we cannot visit one another, the church is still a home, even if we have to communicate remotely. Indeed, we can support each other more than we do in normal times.)

I am a chemical engineer who has worked in the process industries throughout my career: chemical plants, refineries and offshore platforms, so Ashland is a very different type of place. But Val and I really enjoy the local community and all that goes on in and around town.

Through the years I have published a number of books for the process industries. I am now working on a book entitled Faith in a Changing Climate.In it I use my technical background to provide thoughts as to how the church can provide leadership in our rapidly changing and challenging world.