Dr. Bart Natoli

Dr. Bart Natoli

Dr. Bart Natoli was born in Heidelberg, Germany in 1985. After moving to America, he took his B.A. in Latin, Greek, and Secondary Education from the University of Richmond in 2007. He then took his M.Ed. in Adult Education and Training from Colorado State University in 2012. Finally, he took his Ph.D. in Classics from the University of Texas at Austin in 2014. He currently serves as Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Classics at Randolph-Macon College.

In 2022, Bart began to discern a call to the priesthood and is currently pursuing a Masters of Divinity at Bexley-Seabury Seminary in Chicago. He is delighted to be able to join the SJTL family as a seminarian and to continue his ministry here in such a wonderful community.

In addition to his work and ministry, Bart also is a full-time husband and father. He has been married to his wife Morgan for 15 years, and together they have 4 biological children, 2 foster daughters, 2 foster grandchildren, and 2 dogs.

Please reach out to Bart for any questions or concerns at his email, bartnatoli@gmail.com